Your dream of practice ownership is attainable at Lumio. We are here to give you the autonomy of private practice ownership, but also to help you avoid the stress and pitfalls that a solo practitioner can experience.

Choose Your Own Path!

Ownership not on your radar? No problem! At Lumio, both our practice owners and long-term associates are given the flexibility to build a career that best suits their goals and lifestyle. Regardless of what path you choose, rest assured you can grow your career in any direction without the hassle of practice management.


Multiple Income Streams

As a practice owner within Lumio, you can benefit from collection income, profits distributions, real estate investments, and will also be able to monetize portions of your equity in private equity transactions. These transactions will offer valuations of your practice much higher than what would be available outside of Lumio

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The Benefits of Ownership

Here at Lumio, we recognize and reward the hard work of our dentists. As a practice owner, you will enjoy access to capital and equity, while having the opportunity to own multiple practices within the company. You will have autonomy as an owner, and we will provide you support when and where you need it. Ultimately, our owners are able to have the best of both worlds - the upside of ownership and the support of a group.

Financial Freedom

Dentists within our Lumio family enjoy a far greater earning potential than most providers within independent practices. You will have access to proven strategies that will ensure the growth of both your patient base and revenues of your offices.


Our Lumio business model is structured intentionally to provide our dentists autonomy within their practices. You will learn and collaborate with other dentists at Lumio, giving you the power to make informed decisions and effectively lead your offices and teams.


Our centralized support services offer our dentists top-tier services, such as Credentialing, Accounting, IT, Compliance, Marketing and Human Resources. This business structure alleviates both the stress and obstacles many business owners face while trying to achieve sole practice ownership.


Our goal is to take care of the heavy lifting in order to help you and your family not only meet, but exceed, your financial goals. Our income potential is much higher than the national average, thus eliminating stress and allowing you to focus on your family and building the lifestyle you desire.